3 Creative Wedding Venue Trends That Currently Making Waves

Wedding venueAs one of England’s most quintessential destinations, Kent appeals to the dreams of many brides-to-be who long for vintage-style weddings. Other than that, it offers more than a quaint lifestyle — it provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy life in its untainted form, as they observe and immerse themselves in nature.

As a popular destination for weddings, its rustic setting appeals to many couples. While finances may be a consideration for some couples who wish to have their dream wedding, evident trends in wedding venue décor indicate the supremacy of the concept over money.

Whether or not in a destination as idyllic as Kent, wedding venue and décor trends are changing. And these are expected to inspire intending couples. Here are some examples:

Industrial Spaces

One environment that makes a difference in a wedding venue is an old brick building, like the housing of a factory. This is simply out of the ordinary since it features metal accents, a big space, and exposed brick walls. According to Josiah Loyarr, Executive Designer at a design firm, 'I think that rustic is still in, although the trend has now taken a rustic-modern approach with big open spaces with minimal décor'.

The Green Look

Going green is not only about household furniture and appliances. Wedding venues are following the trend of bringing nature in, as well. The forest effect appeals to ‘green’ aficionados and lovers of nature. Giant plants and a generous amount of flowers are growing in popularity in wedding venues.

Countryside Concepts

Countryside venues are seeing an upswing in bookings for weddings lately. The reason, according to an article published on hitched.co.uk, is that 'Wedding themes are constantly evolving and the increase in couples seeking combinations of vintage, rustic, shabby chic themes with a down-to-earth feel in a barn wedding venue setting or countryside house, shows no signs of abating'.

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As these wedding venue trends continue to change with lifestyle demands, weddings will become less ceremony and more fun. In natural settings like Kent, wedding venue décor will have a fantastic effect on the couple and guests.