3 Must-Haves Of Every Corporate Event

A Corporate EventWhether you are planning for a training workshop, a seminar, a group gathering or a company get-together, you have to make sure your chosen venue is up to the task. Here are some features any corporate event venue in Cottage Grove should have:

Audio and Visual Features

Your venue should have the right audio-visual equipment to help you run the event.  You’d need microphones, sound systems, and projectors to make sure each attendee will know what’s going on. If you’re bringing in your own equipment such as laptops and storage devices, make sure they’re compatible with the equipment provided by the venue.


With the help of Wi-Fi, you’d be able to incorporate online features into your presentations. You can access documents on the Cloud, communicate with attendees in real time, and even hold video calls during the event. If a stable internet connection is crucial for your event, ask the venue manager about how reliable their Wi-Fi is. If it isn’t too strong, put a password on it during the event so only authorized personnel can use it.

Ample Parking

The hassle of having no place to park your cars can quickly turn your event into a complete nightmare. This could lead to a lower attendance turnout or even delays in your event. Choose a venue that has enough parking space for all your attendees. You should also consider providing reserved parking for key speakers and guests.

Organizing a corporate event can be a hectic job. With the hundreds of little details that you have to attend to, it’s fairly easy to miss something. You can make it easier for yourself by partnering with a venue that has experience with any corporate event that you may plan to hold.

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