4 Great Group Trip Ideas for Family and Friends

Family set for an outdoor adventureWhile there’s definitely nothing wrong with going out with a group of friends for clubbing and eating, there are instances when you want to experience new things together. Here are some new adventures that you’ll probably enjoy with your tight group:

Check Out the Skyline from the Waters

Rent or buy Michigan pontoon boats and have fun cruising through the waters while seeing the city’s skyline from a different viewpoint. Definitely an outing to remember, this can be a whole-day event with everyone bringing fresh food for a meal on the waters.

Do a Carnival Trip

A carnival trip should also provide a walk on the wild side without spending too much in the process. There’s nothing quite like the carnival atmosphere to bring out the child in every person. Plus, you get to take home cool prizes to commemorate the moment.

Go Somewhere Exotic

The great thing about traveling as a group is that the cost of travel marginally decreases. Try leaving the country or even the State as a group and go somewhere that offers a bit of adventure. Great places in Asia like Thailand, Cambodia, or the Philippines should give you some exotic experiences without the big cash out.

A Staycation

This is what you call a vacation that’s done not too far from your home ground. All of you can check in a hotel and make the most of the many facilities available through your accommodation. It’s a lot like a vacation except you don’t have to spend much on the airfare. You’ll find that even the simplicity of sleeping in the same room, waking up together, and being away from the normal hassles of life can strengthen friendships.

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Of course, these are only some group trips you and your friends can enjoy that’s happily different from the typical. Make a point of scheduling one of these trips at least once every six months and find how much it keeps your group close and happy.