4 Signs You Have Uneven Bite

Misaligned TeethFrom a distance, your teeth may look aligned and straight. But only you and a dentist can really tell if your teeth are misaligned. Here are four signs something is off with your bite, and it’s time to visit an orthodontist.

  1. Do the ‘clench test’. With an empty mouth, clench your teeth together. Then squeeze hard. Hold the clenching action for a few minutes. If this makes you feel a bit uncomfortable after a while, there might be something wrong with your bite. Of course, this is just a DIY test. Redwood Orthodontics agrees that the best way to tell if your teeth are misaligned is to visit a dentist.
  2. You experience pain in your jaw joint when you bite. Some people experience recurring discomfort and even pain because of irregular bite. This could be due to the muscles at work to accommodate the misaligned bite. If you experience unexplained jaw pain, it is best to visit a dentist as soon as possible for the proper diagnosis and treatment.
  3. You have twisted, uneven, and overcrowded teeth. This is the most obvious reason you have an uneven bite. Don’t be too quick to dismiss twisted teeth. A dentist can help spot and treat minor issues before they become bigger dental problems.
  4. You experience consistent tooth sensitivity. Sensitive teeth could indicate a variety of dental problems. But with uneven bite, tooth sensitivity is due to failing dental work that leads to worn out spots. If left untreated, these could lead to tooth decay.

Misaligned teeth and uneven bite are just minor dental issues; but if left untreated, they can lead to even bigger problems and more costly dental work. Get to the root of the problem fast. Consult a dentist immediately if you think you have the signs and symptoms.

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