A Beautiful Smile Can Light up Your Whole Face

A patient undergoing cosmetic dentistry If you are thinking about investing in having some work done on your face, then a cosmetic dentist may well be able to help you. You may want to start with making sure your smile is in tip-top condition before you worry about those lines on your skin. Your mouth is one of the most looked at places on your face. When people are having a conversation with you, they will probably either be looking at your eyes or your mouth. So they will see that crooked tooth, those chips and those stains.

Cosmetic dentists, like those at Smilemakers in Southampton, are trained in general dentistry to the high degree required by the General Dental Council, their governing body. These dentists have also trained in a range of treatments that can enhance any smile, whether there is only some subtle work needed, or a major overhaul.

What’s on offer?

Let’s take a look at some of the services available.

Teeth whitening is an excellent choice for stains caused by lifestyle factors such as smoking and drinking a lot of coffee. It is safe and reliable as long as a dentist provides it.

Veneers are tiny sheaths of durable porcelain that are fixed over teeth to hide stains that won’t shift, as well as chips, cracks, worn edges and mild misalignments.

Braces are now available that are almost invisible and are designed to straighten teeth. There are several systems available depending on your individual case and lifestyle. Some are fixed bracket and wire braces, which these days are much finer and tooth-coloured or clear to blend in with your teeth. Clear plastic removable aligners are also available.

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White fillings are made of a composite material that is bonded to the tooth and can be shaped to give a proper chewing surface. You can have new cavities filled with composite or have old metal fillings replaced with it.

This same composite material can be used in place of veneers. In some cases to correct a mild misalignment that will bring teeth flush with their neighbours, or to cover chips in the surface of the tooth.