Buying a Home in One of the Country’s Fastest Growing Areas

Brown Modernized HomeDespite the Philippines still having a long way to go to reduce the existing poverty, more citizens are recognizing the benefits and importance of home ownership. While the majority of the nation’s population still classify as renters, many Filipinos continue to strive to become homeowners. Furthermore, the availability of housing options has gone up, with many of them offering great deals to potential buyers.

This is particularly true in Cavite, a province just south of the Manila Bay.

What’s so special about this place?

As a homebuyer, you should explore all your options and be flexible. While you may dream of owning a house in one of the more affluent parts of the Metro, it’s more important to stay within your means. Even agrees that there are many good reasons to become a homeowner in this province, including its impressive combination of natural beauty and urbanity.

Living like the Metro’s residents, but for much less

Many people have the tendency to think of remoteness when they hear the word “province”. But these descriptions are no way near what Cavite is like nowadays. This beautiful southern province has undergone so many improvements that it’s actually one of the fastest growing and industrialized places outside Metro Manila.

From amazing food offerings of dining establishments to having a massive shopping center such as the one in Lancaster, Cavite, you can rest assure that living here closely resembles the kind and quality of living of the capital’s residents. This makes more people buy houses in the area.

But what’s much better is that even with all its modern offerings, the cost of living in this part of the CALABARZON Region remains well below the national average. In other words, you’ll find everything here more affordable, from food to utilities and lifestyle, and of course, housing.

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