Condo Life: The High Rise Appeal of Living Vertically

Condo Units In Metro Manila

Condo Units In Metro Manila

Metro Manila is the leading megacity that is well-suited for high-rise living. With more than 15 million residents, it’s certain that there will be a shortage of land space to build in the future. Even though there’s still a portion of people looking into horizontal homes, several signs indicate that more homebuyers are searching for Rockwell condo for sale instead.

Here are some compelling reasons people would rather live vertically:

1. Investing in a condominium is reasonably affordable compared to buying a lot and building a home. It’s not only a cheaper and more practical choice, but buyers also get to avoid dealing with a plumber, electrician, interior designer and architect. The developers will be responsible for everything, which is why the majority of start-up families and young professionals prefer this type of living.

Moreover, the price range is most likely within their budget, especially since they can also apply for in-house financing and bank loans easily.

2. The value of a condominium unit appreciates rapidly that it could double in just six years. This is especially true if the owner bought the unit in the pre-selling stage. When choosing a unit, the home-buyers also have to consider the reputation of the developer. Purchasing from respectable developers will ensure that they obey the strictest construction standards, highlight the promised amenities and build it on time

3. Condominiums offer a wide array of amenities besides the usual swimming floor, high-speed elevators and a grand lobby. The developers would usually customize the amenities offered for their target residents. Some would integrate day care for the families, coffee shop to enjoy the stunning view of nearby parks and study rooms for the pupils.

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Living in condominiums provides residents everything they could ask for with a much cheaper price and without too many stresses. It’s no surprise that more and more of the population would rather choose vertical living.