Exercising with a Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

Physical Exercise and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)Exercise has marked benefits for the health even for patients with cardiovascular conditions. For people with coronary heart disease (CHD), the right exercise will help ease the blood flow. It also helps control the risk factors that usually resort to CHD. But because of these circulatory problems, doing any exercise just won’t do. Patients with this condition are advised to seek their doctor’s help when building their exercise regimen.

The Benefits

Primary and secondary risk factors for CHD are also minimized with regular exercises. Factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol are controlled. Exercise can also reduce obesity and curb a patient’s smoking habits.

The Type of Exercise

Exercise for CHD patients are kept at a moderate level and should involve a greater range of muscles. Jogging and moderate running is appropriate for most CHD patients. For patients with orthopedic issues on the lower extremities, rowing and aerobics could be better suited. Swimming is another great exercise. Swimming has a low impact on bones and muscles despite being a full-body activity.

Strength training is surprisingly beneficial to some patients with CHD. Again, doctor consultation is important as exercise should be designed on a case-to-case basis.


An exercise regimen must be integrated into the patient’s lifestyle. It is never a one-off thing, and the benefits only often come after weeks of exercise. A total health care provider intermountainhealthcare.org suggests that exercise becomes a part of a patient’s lifestyle.

Minimum frequency for the exercise is three consecutive days a week. While exercising more is generally better, CHD patients must never become overstressed. As more exercise is done, the risk for musculoskeletal injury increases.

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Never Too Much

Sufferers of CHD are strongly cautioned against exercising too much. It should stop when pain is felt, especially in the chest area. When this happens, emergency attention is required.

While coronary heart disease can be challenging to the heart, it doesn’t mean that patients should avoid all physical activities. Appropriate exercise, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, is still a great way of achieving optimal health even for CHD patients.