Five Traits that Make a Good Physician

a consulting physician
Being a doctor is a serious commitment that requires years of knowledge and experience in addition to a good set of skills and personal attributes. Looking for a great physician is challenging and while going to a credible hospital may help, one must still look for the following characteristics.


Empathy is one of the traits a good doctor must have because other than allowing him to fully understand a patient’s condition, it also lets him thoroughly communicate that understanding to other people. According to research, an empathetic connection can also help reduce the pain of a patient since he knows that someone cares for his well-being.


As a doctor, professionalism entails being respectful, acting with appropriate demeanor, and possessing proficiency while performing the job. Apart from valuing doctor-patient confidentiality, a professional doctor must also put his patient’s well-being above his own self-interests. Medical professionalism should be present not only during practice but after duty as well.

Calm and Attentive

Emergencies and unforeseen situations are everyday matters to doctors. Occurrences such as this do not only produce panic but high levels of stress as well. Because of this, it is important that doctors remain calm and attentive so they can deliver their responsibilities properly. Having a clear head and being able to control a drastic situation make a doctor respectable and trustworthy.

Strong Credentials

A good educational background accomplished licensing requirements, and board certification is required from a doctor. Having strong credentials ensures quality care and knowledge in different areas of medicine. According to a company that manages hospitalists, the recruitment process involving physicians require strong and validated industry credentials.

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Strong Work Ethic

Being a doctor means having to work even after a duty or during a holiday. Possessing a strong work ethic means that a doctor can dedicate 100% of his time and care regardless how tired he is or what is going on in his personal life. With this quality, doctors are able to give exceptional patient care, advancing him to a better and stronger career.

A physician that exhibits the above-mentioned qualities may build a long and successful doctor-patient relationship that returns a healthier and happier life.