Living in a Snug Granny Flat Might Be the Solution to Your Problems

craftsman tiny houseSpecialized prefab homes are some of the most innovative housing design ideas today. These include not only affordable housing units for new families but also granny flats for a city such as Sydney.

Although contractors design some prefab units as dependent persons units (DPUs), these can fit the needs of any individual or even a small family. In most instances, the owners choose according to their needs and their preferences.

For some people, they would not be content with the small spaces of a regular prefab unit, in which case they would choose a larger model or a different type of housing unit.

The Prefab Advantage

Experts do not consider the prefab unit a manufactured house. It is modular and built on site. This means that it is a real estate property instead of a personal one. As a real estate property, the prefab unit follows the market for homes and may appreciate in value upon completion.

In contrast, experts consider a manufactured home personal property and depreciates upon installation. For people on a tight budget, this is welcome news.

Making It Bigger

For most owners, the real value of a prefab home like a granny flat is that it just fits the need of a person, at an affordable price. Regarding living space, the area may be small, but it does have all the amenities of a new home.

There are advantages to a small space. For one, there is less space to clean. For another, you can be at the other end of the home in three steps, and a dash.

The owner can choose the design, and their supplier will deliver it in modules, which they will then assemble. In most instances, the manufacturer follows strict measurements to make sure that parts fit tightly.

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Additionally, the design itself is innovative and additional modules added as needed. The house may be small, but it will answer all of a person’s needs.