No VAT on Aligner Products in the UK, Align Technology Says

Dental Patient in UKIn the last quarter of 2016, Align Technology announced that they would not be charging VAT on their aligner products in the UK and Ireland. The announcement comes with the manufacturer’s initiative to take measures for smoother and faster processes that will streamline their customer experience.

This is particularly excellent news when you plan on getting clear aligners or Invisalign from your Tilbury provider anytime soon.

Better Accessibility for Providers and Patients

The aligner manufacturer wants their products to be more accessible for providers and patients alike. For a number of years, then, they have been reviewing the VAT position of their aligners in the UK.

Jamie Morley, the general manager for the UK and Ireland, confirmed the HMRC’s assurance that if the manufacturer meets the government organisation’s standards, Invisalign aligners will be exempt for VAT purposes. Morley said that the removal of VAT is a significant step that allows them to help the clinicians they work with make clear aligners or Invisalign more accessible to patients.

The Further Alignment of the Manufacturer, Providers and Patients

The enthusiasm of patients with crooked or misaligned teeth for the Invisalign treatment is still consistent. Given Align Technology already has at least four million Invisalign patients, it is evident that the treatment is doing quite well in the market.

Inivsalign aligners are technically medical devices, though, so complex discussions had to take place before the VAT exemption. The go signal from the HMRC further aligns the manufacturer, providers and patients and opens the door for more patients to consider taking advantage of the treatment.

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Great aligner deals are more than enough reason for patients to undergo treatment. With more patients who opt for such treatment, then, the manufacturer gets the opportunity to produce more aligner products. Evidently, the VAT exemption is good news for the manufacturer, provider and patients alike.