Planning a Celebrity-Level Wedding in Brisbane on a Budget

Weddings in BrisbaneIt seems impossible to recreate that celebrity wedding you’ve dreamed of: having the dress that Kate Middleton walked down the aisle with on her wedding day, the flower wall at Kim Kardashian’s wedding, or that gorgeous cake Sofia Vergara cut with her gorgeous husband. But it actually can! Even if you don’t have $135,000 to spend on your wedding day, you can still have that celebrity wedding you want on a budget and a very low budget at that.


Celebrity weddings usually entail having multiple dresses for the bride, who will change for every different part of the ceremony. Three to four wardrobe changes are usually what’s hot. But, instead of spending too much money on the dresses, it’s best to purchase that one dream wedding gown you’ve always wanted. If you want to change into another dress or outfit, just buy another white dress right after prom season so you get it cheaper.


Celebrities usually hold their weddings out of the country like a chateau in France or a beach wedding in the Bahamas. If you can’t afford that dream wedding in Greece, you can still have your celebrity dream wedding by getting a backdrop of your dream location and picking the right background music to set the mood.

You can also go local but glam local by picking the best venue for wedding in the Brisbane area. Picking the right function venues in the CBD is great, but have to really do your research. Find as many options as you can so you can compare the price and the inclusions.

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It’s recommended to work together as a couple on some DIY projects to save some money on flowers and decor. You can purchase affordable flowers wholesale, then go on YouTube to find some DIY wedding decor so that you don’t have to hire a florist for the big day. The money you save can be spent on something else.

Having a celebrity-inspired wedding is definitely possible and you can do this by following the tips stated above.