Rules to Remember When Doing Capsule Wardrobe

Girl choosing clothesMore women are investing in apparel. In fact, after experiencing a slowdown especially during the recession, the retail industry picks up steam. It is now worth more than $1 trillion. It, therefore, no longer surprising that on the average, a woman can own as many as 100 clothing items.

Too many clothing pieces, however, can be detrimental in the long run. Not only do they take up space, but they can also clutter a room quickly. Moreover, surveys suggest as much as 21 percent of the wardrobe becomes unwearable. Some of them can gather dust for months or even years.

If you want to maximize your clothing pieces, save up space, and enjoy a more meaningful experience with fashion, you can try creating a capsule wardrobe. Here are a few rules to help.

Bring the number down

It is unclear how many pieces you should own, but the number is usually no more than 40 pieces. These already include your shoes, dresses, accessories and jewelry, and undergarments.

Choose flexible items

These are the pieces you can mix and match. Some of these are the women’s dress shirts you bought online from style shops such as 34°N 118°W. You can pair them with pumps and leggings with a belt as an accessory for a casual look. You can shop for something shimmering and pair it with a leather jacket to make it edgy or stilettos for a sexier look.

Focus on the essentials 

A typical capsule wardrobe features the musts. What is essential depends on you, but the key here is to pick those that are timeless. If you can, choose those you can wear across seasons. Take, for example, denim jeans.

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When you are used to having a lot of pieces, a capsule wardrobe takes some getting used to. If you are having a hard time doing it, try Project 333 for some motivation