School Break Activities Everyone Can Enjoy

Family on vacationAchieving balance can be difficult for the young or old, even for students in Singapore who want to achieve high marks to get into the university of their choice. Many parents often encourage their children to be more competitive, and this has made the country one of best when it comes to education and learning.

But don’t only motivate your children to study hard, you should also encourage them to have fun, too. The first school break of the year is an excellent chance to let them relax. Give them tickets to Singapore’s Sentosa attractions or ask them where they want to go for a relaxing weekend. Here are a few other things you can do with your children during school breaks.

Go to the Library

A Library is a place where parents and their children and can choose reading materials. You can spend the day browsing books and sitting in the reading area for some quiet family time.

Go to the beach

There are many beaches where kids can enjoy the sea and sun in March. They can build sand castles, laze around in the white sand, and play in the water to cool off in the summer heat.

Do some fun activities at a cafe

Many cafes now offer activities for kids. Let your children learn how to cook, bake or even paint as you enjoy your family lunch. They can learn a simple cookie recipe or create a work of art, all while enjoying your favourite foods.

Visit an art gallery or museum

The March school break is one of the best times to visit an art gallery or unique museum.  Many museums offer activities that the young and old can enjoy. You can watch a play, a concert or any performance the entire family would find entrancing.

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Children should learn how to balance school work and relaxation. Help them enjoy their free time in a way that also creates learning opportunities. Find places where the family can participate in activities where they can use their skills and talents for their educational progress.