Tanning Oil and Lotion Buyer’s Guide

a woman with sculpted muscular physique and tanned skin matches the beauty of a pristine beachDifferent kinds of tanning oils and lotions are out there, some specifically for indoors, while others are for outdoors. Know what factors to consider when buying an oil tan or lotion allows you to determine which product delivers the results you are looking for.

What to Consider When Shopping

When choosing a tanning product, consider its moisturizing benefits and ingredients that contribute to this. Look for aloe, which is a simple moisturizing agent, or a complex component such as sodium PCA, the latter of which binds water to your skin. Natural ingredients blend well once you apply it on your skin; it doesn’t or have a lesser oily and sticky feel, and it is less likely to cause breakouts or skin irritations.

Outdoor Products

If you plan to tan outdoors, there are specific products that provide you with protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and get the results you want. When choosing a product, look for one that contains sunscreen ingredients, this blocks UV rays that may cause cancer, and also prevents the skin’s premature aging and sunburns. Natural tanning oils like Bali Body are a good option.

You must also factor in your skin tone and your preferred degree of tan and skin type. These factors allow you to choose the appropriate moisturizing benefits, additives and SPF level of the product that delivers the results you are looking for. Ideally, buy products that deliver fair, olive or dark skin.

Indoor Lotions

Indoor tanning oils and lotions are specifically for use while in a tanning bed or under a tanning lamp. These items almost never contain sunscreen ingredients and only block artificial ultraviolet rays and not those coming from the sun. Avoid using these to prevent sunburns as they lack the ingredients to do so. These products contain ingredients that do not damage tanning beds.

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These are some of the things to consider when you are choosing among tanning oils and lotions. Look for one specific to your needs, whether you want to tan indoors or outdoors. The right product delivers the bronze or darker skin tone you are looking for.