This is What Stress Does to Your Face

StressStress is an ugly thing. Anyone can have it; it’s a modern-day epidemic. The world is brimming with stressors – tragic headlines, rowdy neighbors, cheating lovers, crippling debt, divorce, demanding jobs, medical costs, and the list goes on and on. The next time you check your face in the mirror, you’re ten years older.

Stress and the many unhealthy ways we deal with can cause premature aging. Grey hair, fine lines, and wrinkles are appearing earlier than expect and the eye bags are not disappearing. Every day feels like gravity is pulling you down and sucking all the glow in your face.

Stress and Sleep

Stress is a fact of life but it doesn’t mean that it should be a “way” of life. Every day, humans and animals are exposed to many situations that trigger stress. There are common stress points shared by everyone, but the difference lies in how each person responds to them.

Sleep is our body’s way of naturally recuperating from stress. Tensions in our lives tend to take their toll on our bodies, which manifest in the ugliest of ways, ranging from breakouts, menstrual cramps, chronic body pain, and impotence to severe conditions such as heart problems and immune system disturbances.

Reversing the Damage

But the external signs of stress are painfully obvious as well. It’s those vertical creases on your forehead, the dark circles around those sunken eyes, that thinning upper lip and those sagging cheeks. There may be other nutritional or environmental conditions that cause these facial woes, but stress pushes things to the limit.

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While it may feel like so much of what’s going on in your body and skin happens naturally. But Dermatologic Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery notes that you can shift the power to your hands by nourishing your skin and getting rid of unhealthy ways of dealing with stress.

While a facelift or other anti-aging treatment can repair the damages, there’s no guarantee that the treatment outcome will last if the person does not learn to fight the lifestyle that causes premature aging.

The one true solution to dealing with stress really starts with you. You’re the only one who knows what triggers it and how deeply it affects all aspects of your life.