Top Things Women Should Experience Before Getting Married

A couple about to get marriedIf there are things you and your future husband must do as a couple before you get married, there are things that you must also do by yourself as a bride-to-be. After all, life should be lived fully and entering a new phase means leaving the old one without questions, what ifs, and regrets.

So, here’s a list of must-dos before you finally say, “I do”:

Have one last wild party

How does a bachelorette party in San Diego sound? You definitely have to say yes when the question pops. It’s a must for every soon-to-be bride, as she bids farewell to singlehood. It might just be the last time you’ll ever feel bold, wild, and carefree, so keep it hot.

Travel alone

People say that traveling alone, especially as a woman, is a big accomplishment. Not only will it open your eyes to the world, but it will also leave you with new lessons and a better appreciation for life. You will discover cultures and meet people from all over the world who may even help you come full circle.

Pursue a hobby

You might have thought of becoming a singer or a professional tennis player once. Before family time eats your schedule up, pursue some of the hobbies that have been on your mind since you were 10. You can start taking voice lessons or include playing tennis on your weekend schedules. It’s not about being a pro; it’s about looking back and saying, “I tried it and it felt great”.

Every item on your bucket list of “things to do before I get married” should be ticked off. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to risk everything to prove that you’ve done it all as a single and independent woman. Keep your feet on the ground, but be daring enough to add some adventure to your life.

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